Western gardens can shelter a wide variety of birds, requiring several kinds of bird feeders and bird baths. New Mexico homeowners can invite songbirds into their gardens with native habitat, thistle and seed feeders, and hummingbird feeders. A source of water in the desert is always welcome. All variety of Southwest birds will come to a freshly-filled bird bath or pond. 

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Bird Products

Enchanted Gardens is your Nature Store. If we do not have the bird product you need, we'll be glad to order it. We carry the following products:


  • Artline

  • Aspects

  • Bird Brain

  • Dartmouth

  • Duncraft

  • Heritage Farms

  • No-No Feeders

  • Perky-Pet

  • Sunswept (Opus)

  • Woodlink

  • Akro Mills

  • Avian Aquatics

  • Colibri (Perky-Pet)

  • Droll Yankee

  • Expeditions (Perky-Pet)

  • Homestead

  • Opus

  • Schrodt Designs

  • TopFlight (Opus)



Bird Feeders

We also select decorative bird feeders from companies such as 

  • New Creative Enterprises, 

  • Pacific Rim, and 

  • United Design's Stone Gardens.

Bird Accessories

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  • Brushes of all sizes for all bird feeders

  • Hooks and hangars

  • Ant guards

  • Window silhouettes and reflective ribbon to scare birds away from windows

  • Repair parts for Perky-Pet hummingbird feeders

  • Nest building Materials

  • Bird identification books

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