Perennials I

Golden Columbine or Aquilegia Chrysantha

Native to the canyons of New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and Arizona. Perennial (to 3 ft.) covered with fragrant yellow flowers.

Desert Marigold or Baileya Multiradiata

Showy, bright yellow, 2" daisies borne on long stalks well above white, woolly leaves. A 1-1/2 ft. biennial. Blooms profusely all summer - carpets fields and roadsides.

White Evening Primrose or Oenothera Caespitosa 

Large,wonderful, 3-4", fragrant, white flowers open in the evening and close in the mid-day heat. This low-growing perennial (to 8" high & 1-2 ft. wide) has grey-green, fuzzy leaves. Blooms early summer. Good drainage is a
must - likes rocky soils.

Bush Penstemon or Penstemon Ambiguus

Perfectly symmetrical 2 ft. bush, covered with flowers in spring.
Phlox-like flowers are white to pink. Needs sandy, well-drained soil.


Parry's Penstemon or Penstemon Parryi

Many 2 ft. stalks of pink flowers burst into bloom above basal rosettes. This charming penstemon is part of the early spring wildflower display in
the Sonoran Desert. Tender perennial at higher elevations.

Prairie Zinnia or
Zinnia Grandiflora

A spectacular bedding and border perennial. This plant forms a ground-hugging cushion less than 6" tall & completely covered with yellow flowers summer to fall. Vanishes in winter, but don't worry, you'll see it next summer.


Fairy Duster or Calliandra Eriophylla
Hardy reflective heat, sun or part shade average watering, drought
resistant slow growing 2 - 3 feet high and 4 feet wide with flowers that vary from light pink to deep rose. Should be planted in coarse, well drained soil. Low maintenance native to Arizona, does well in cooler climates.

Mealy Cup Sage or Salvia Farinaceae

This tender perennial grows in average to dry soil. Foliage will mildew from overhead watering. Victoria is 18" high (dark blue), White/Porcelain, flowers from spring to fall.

Trailing Lantana or Lantana Montevidensis

A half hardy perennial that tolerates reflective heat, sun, and part shade. It will take average-to-dry soil and is fast growing. Dark green, coarsely toothed, pungent, prickly, 1" long deeply veined foliage, 8-12" by 4-6'. informal, poor appearance in winter.



Chocolate Flower

Texas Tuberose
Englemannia Daisy Gazania
Zexemenia Yellow/Orange Balls
Damianita Snakeweed

Pitcher Sage

Jupiter's Beard Fringed Sage
Wormwood Snow in Summer


Wallflower Gaura
Pink Yarrow

Desert Zinnia

Rosemary Creeping

Maltese Cross


Moonflower Vine

Cypress Vine Hearts & Flowers

Hens & Chicks


Purple Robe

Tiny Rubies Dianthus

Scented Geraniums    

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