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Current Plant Availability

Blooming drought-tolerant and native plants abound at Enchanted Gardens. Our New Mexico gardens can sparkle with color even in a xeriscape garden. Arid xeriscape zones can feature a mixture of native wildflowers, desert shrubs, and native trees. Enchanted Gardens also sells a wide variety of perennials and herbs for western gardens

Terrific Perennials for Southern New Mexico 
from Enchanted Gardens

Perennial Spring Arrivals

Perennial Spring Arrivals

 Herbs Spring Arrivals

Aster Moonshine Yarrow Chives
Chocolate Flower Dwarf Hollyhock 'Zebrina' Garlic Chives
Penstemons, many varieties Dwarf Hollyhock 'Party Girl' Fennel
Texas Tuberose Mat Daisy Bronze Fennel
Englemannia Daisy Silver Brocade Dill
Gazania Coreopsis, several varieties Cilantro
Mealy-cup Sage Blanket flower 'Goblin' Greek Oregano
Zexmenia Mexican Hat Mexican Oregano
Yellow/Orange Bells Sandpaper Verbena Italian Oregano
Damianita Agastache Garden Sage
Snakeweed Hollyhock 'Black Beauty' Tricolor Sage
Buckwheat Hollyhock 'Indian Spring' Pineapple Sage
Pitcher Sage Powis Castle Sage Regular Thyme
Catmint Silver Mound Creeping Thyme
Yarrow Hardy Plumbago Lemon Thyme
Jupiter's Beard Marjoram
Fringed Sage Blackfoot Daisy Rue
Wormwood Black-eyed Susan Chamomile
Snow in Summer Mexican Bush Sage Lemon Verbena
Dianthus Soapwort Catmint
Candytuft Purple Coneflower Catnip
Wallflower German Statice Lemon Grass
Gaura Purple Prairie Clover Yerba Mansa
Greek Yarrow Autumn Joy Sedum Mexican Tarragon
Yarrow red, pink, white Lamb's Ear Tansy
Germander Paper Flower Lavender Alba
Desert Zinnia, yellow
    and white

Black-eyed Susan,      

Lavender French
Golden Columbine Shasta Alaska Daisy Lavender Sweet
Rosemary 'creeping' Angelita Daisy Lavender Munstead
Maltese Cross Profusion Daisy Lavender Hidcote
Desert Marigold Gopher Spurge Lavender Spanish
Moonflower Vine Globe Mallow Lavender Provence
Cypress Vine Pink Sea Thrift Rosemary Culinary
Hearts & Flowers Mullein Basil Lemon Sweet Dani
Hens & Chicks Missouri Primrose Basil Dark
Sedums, many varieties White Evening Primrose Basil Sweet
Purple Robe (also white) Rosemary 'Tuscan' Basil African Blue
'Tiny Rubies' Dianthus Lantana--"New Gold" Basil Cinnamon
Scented Geraniums Mexican Petunia Basil Purple Ruffle
Fairy Duster Bush Penstemon Lemon Mint


Parry's Penstemon Chocolate Mint
Autumn Glow Prairie Zinnia  Spearmint
Regal Mist


Orange Mint
Karl Foester Grass Sand Sage Peppermint
Maidenhair Grass Russian Sage Parsley Curly Leaf
Pony Tail or Stipa Mexican Blue Sage Parsley Italian Flat
Little Bluestem Big Sage
Pink Crystals Grass Cherry/Autumn Sage

Yuccas & Agaves

Buffalo Grass Chihuahuan Sage Parry's Agave
Bear Grass Four Wing Salt Bush Desert Spoon
Purple Threeawn Winterfat Bear Grass 
Desert Willow
Sierra Negra / Black Delia
Apache Plume 
Creosote Bush
Texas Mountain Laurel
Desert Mallow
Little Leaf Cordia
Mexican Honeysuckle
Mexican Flame
Arizona Rosewood
Catclaw Acacia
Blue Palo Verde
Wooly Butterfly Bush


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