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Color Design: Most xeriscape and traditional landscape designs focus on hardscapes, such as raised beds, paths, patios, fences, and foundation trees and shrubs. Although this kind of landscaping creates a functional design, it lacks drama and color.

  • Jackye, the Enchanted Gardens Color Designer can bring color and drama to cozy patio and courtyard areas. Our blooming designs create an environment that

  • will lift your spirits with flowers and their fragrances. 

  • The typical landscaper rarely has the time or knowledge to design individual flower beds, patio pots or other small areas where you would love to have blooming flowers. At Enchanted Gardens, Jackye can create flower beds and boxes, perennial borders, cottage gardens, herb gardens, and magnificent patio and hanging pots.

  • Jackye, the resident color designer, has decades of experience designing small gardens, and she knows about perennials, annuals, and groundcovers. She can design gardens that will span the 4 seasons of blooming color with native or traditional perennials, annuals, and herbs.

For only $75 an hour, Jackye will make a personal visit to your garden and will recommend the plants that will be sure to vitalize your landscaping. Installation will be an additional fee. Ask for an estimate.


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