Sand Sage or Artemisia Filifolia  

Fragrant, silver-gray, evergreen shrub to 4 ft. with tiny narrow leaves and graceful swirling branches. Tolerates both sandy and clay soils.
Big Sage or Artemisia Tridentata 

A silver-grey evergreen shrub 3-4 ft. tall in New Mexico, up to 6 ft. tall in its northern range. Very rugged. Strongly aromatic foliage. A handsome specimen or foliar accent in your unwatered or watered garden.
Inconspicuous flowers.

Four Wing Saltbush or Atriplex canescens 

Intricately branched shrub 4-6 ft. tall and broad. Gray foliage. Needs no extra water once established. Female plants produce lots of curious four- winged fruits. Use as a wildlife habitat, a specimen plant, a screen or a windbreak.
Winterfat or Ceratoides Lanata

1-3 ft. tall shrub with ornamental woolly, white seed heads in the fall - exciting in dried arrange- ments. Attracts birds and is an excellent winter 
feed for livestock. Tolerates alkaline soils.

Desert Willow or Chilopsis Linearis 

Graceful, deciduous, shrubby tree 10-25 ft. tall and 10-15 ft. wide.Willow-like leaves & showy pink to purple, trumpet- shaped flowers followed by a multitude of long, thin pods. Tolerates heat and drought but
occasional deep watering gives better flowering and faster growth.
Rabbitbrush or Chrysothamnus Nauseosus 

Silver-blue, narrow-leaved, deciduous shrub, 3-5 ft. tall and wide. Pungent, yellow flowers in fall. Can prune strongly - blooms on new growth.


Sierra Negra/ Black Delea or Dalea frutescens 
This semi-woody shrub (2 ft. by 2 ft.) has tiny dark green leaves and black stems. Purple and yellow bicolored pea-shaped blooms are borne well above
the leaves in summer. Found in Texas, New Mexico and Mexico, this native tolerates very dry alkaline conditions but will grow in richer soil.
Apache Plume or Fallugia Paradoxa 
White-rose flowers cover this plant in summer. Beautiful, pink, plumed, silky seed heads form afterwards. Apache Plume is a deciduous, multi-branched shrub from 3-6 ft. tall. Drought tolerant and hardy. Excellent ornamental. Takes pruning - blooms on new growth.
Creosote Bush or Larrea Tridentata 

An evergreen desert shrub from 4-8 ft. high and wide with bright green, glossy foliage. One of the most abundant plants of the Southwest. Extremely drought tolerant. Useful as a screen or windbreak. Attracts honey bees.
  Bear Grass or Nolina Microcarpa 

Resembles yucca but the leaves are longer, more flexible and gracefully curved, forming large clumps of evergreen, grass-like foliage, 3 ft. tall and wide. Tall flower stalks of numerous tiny pink flowers. Handsome, drought tolerant landscape plant, hardy to 8,000 ft.

Texas Mountain Laurel or Sophora Secundiflora 

Evergreen shrub or small tree with glossy, finely divided, compound leaves. Grape- scented flowers borne in drooping, wisteria-like inflorescence. Tolerates heat and poor, alkaline soils. Not hardy above 4,000 ft. The big coral seeds (poisonous) are used for necklaces in Mexico.

Brittlebush or Encelia Farinosa 

A compact drylander to 3 ft. high and 4 ft. wide. Grey-green to white foliage feels like flannel. The flowers are brilliant yellow daisies borne  well above the foliage in early spring. After flowering, cut back and water for repeat bloom. Older plants develop strong character and produce resin which the early Spanish padres used for incense. Not hardy in cold desert areas.
Cherry/Autumn Sage or Salvia Greggii 
Evergreen shrublet to 3 ft., blooming spring through fall with tubular red or pink flowers that attract hummingbirds. In cold climates, try protecting by planting at south facing walls or in courtyards with winter mulching. Aromatic foliage. Enjoys heat, but for less water use, afternoon shade helps.
Desert Mallow or Sphaeralcea Ambigua 

The most drought tolerant of the Sphaeralceas and one of the
largest-flowered, apricot in color with mauve variations. The stems become woody and very numerous - a hundred from a single root! 3,500 ft. elevation
and lower, this perennial can bloom almost all year.
Little Leaf Cordia or Cordia Parvifolia 

Half hardy shrub that grows best in reflective heat, sun and part shade with ample to average watering, but will stand dry soil. White 1 1/2 in. wide flowers from February to November in response to rain or irrigation.
Plant in well drained soil
Chihuahuan Sage or Leucophyllum Laevigatum 

This shrub prefers hardy reflective heat to sun or part shade. It will stand dry soil. Individual leaves measure 1/2 in. long and 1/4 in. wide at the bluntly rounded tip. Pleasant smelling flowers 1/2 in. long pale
blue to lavender. Needs little dry season water once established to prompt blooming.
Mexican Honeysuckle or Justicia Spicigera 

A hardy to half hardy perennial that tolerates sun to part shade. Prefers average to dry watering to reach medium size. Attractive orange or red, tubular flowers.

Mexican Flame or Anisacanthus quadrifidus v. Wrightii 

A hardy perennial that takes reflective heat, sun, or part shade. Requires ample to average water and is fast growing. Red-orange, trumpet shaped flowers, Native to Arizona in washes. Attracts hummingbirds.

Arizona Rosewood or Vauquelina Californica  

This large shrub will tolerate reflective heat, sun, part-shade and average watering to dry conditions. It is medium to slow growing. Dark gray to reddish brown bark, tolerant to adverse conditions, uses less water than oleander, for which it is a good native substitute. Lance shaped, lightly toothed, 3 by 1/2" leathery bright green with light wooly
undersided leaves. White loose flattened clusters of flowers in summer at branch tips.
Catclaw Acacia or Acacia Greggii 
Tolerates reflective heat and sun, average watering, dry, and drought resistant. Medium growing native to Southwest. Good wildlife habitat, reclamation tree, shade, tough and picturesque. Yellow, cylindrical flower, broad flat seedpod, also good firewood. Low maintenance. Can be used as a bank cover, small patio tree or large shrub. Fragrant desert, transitional, and tropical in appearance.

Blue Palo Verde or Cercidium floridum 

A hardy patio tree surviving reflective heat, sun, average watering, dry, drought resistant medium growing. Native to Arizona, opportunistic, small
thorns at nodes, often found in places that flood. Yellow flowers in spring (red dot on petal). Low maintenance. Small to medium patio tree. Desert and tropical.
Wooly Butterfly Bush or Buddleia Marrubifolia 

This shrub is hardy to reflective heat, sun, and drought resistant. A medium growing Chihuahuan Desert native, extremely drought tolerant, good for butterflies, nice contrast. Blooms from summer through fall with orange flowers. Low maintenance.
Mexican Blue Sage or Salvia Chamaedryoides 

This small perennial shrub takes reflective heat and sun. Short lived, from central Mexico. Gray foliage.

  Russian Sage

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